Service Design in Government Branding

Rebranding a popular service design event

With an existing and recognisable brand in already in place, Software Acumen required a fresh and engaging approach. It was imperative that it worked in conjuction with their other event brands but also be strong enough to stand alone and not alienate a loyal audience.


Numerous devices can be used to create interest and enhance the brand allowing for flexibility and customisation on any given layout. Taking the form of tracks or elements from a flow diagram, a design could be built to represent fluidity in any given design service ‘journey’.

Image treatments

As always, images are a strong tool throughout the website and other materials. It is important to show the participants fully engaged but equally we wanted to preserve a degree of anonymity. So we applied a number of effects to add depth to the brand and make the images a little more abstract.


To help add more depth to the brand we wanted to develop a unique illustrative style that would communicate simple concepts and have a synergy with related copy.

We love the new brand and so do our participants. It recognises the history of the event but with a robust and modern twist.

Allison Beaumont — Business Manager, Software Acumen