Elegant content management and Wordpress

Like it, love it, hate it or have never heard of it. Whatever your take on WordPress, it’s going to be a mainstay for building functional websites for some time.

We’ve worked with numerous Content Management Systems and frameworks and there has always been a healthy debate about which one is best. But, as is often the case when trying to look for a complete solution there are always going to be strengths and weaknesses.

WordPress is not the only solution out there and we’re often asked why we choose WordPress to build most of our website projects. Here are a few key reasons:

  • It’s quick to going with – set up is minimal
  • There is a large community of developers available
  • Regularly maintained and updated
  • Gives clients portability should they wish to migrate to another provider
  • Open source – no licence fees
  • Highly extendable through wide range of plugins

As a result of these benefits we are able to build effective, efficient websites that deliver on all key criterea whilst protecting clients budgets and not becoming exposed to more in-depth or specialised development.

There are CMS’s with more elegant back ends. There are systems that can handle structured data more effectively. Some boast performance advantages. But on the whole, we have found for most website projects WordPress provides a really great fit without compromising the end result in any way.

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