9 signs that your website needs updating in 2024

Bad websites are a major turn off. So, here are 9 things that we think should make you think about updating your website.

Poor mobile responsiveness

As of January 2024, people using mobile devices contribute to 59.01% of all website traffic. We all know how annoying it is when a webpage is shifting all over the place. It’s almost as bad as trying to move an image in a Word document. Unfortunately nowadays, a few glitches or pages that don’t load, and your customers are gone.

Outdated content

Nothing makes you look more out of touch than outdated content. The worst culprit of all is the blog page. A business that has given up on engagement has probably given up on other stuff too, right? Not a great look. Maybe more obviously, things change. The advice you were giving three years ago probably isn’t the right advice to be giving now. Customers love knowing that they are getting the most up-to-date information they can find. And dont forget new products and services, it seems like an obvious one, but it happens.

Not SEO optimised

Your website might be great, but how are people finding you? Are your pages using headers that someone is actually likely to type when searching for your product or service? SEO consists of simple changes built on considered research. Without changing the look and feel of your website, you can still change the amount of organic traffic you receive.

No traffic tracking

Knowing where your traffic is coming from allows you to adapt your website to suit those users. Alternatively, you might know that a great deal of your audience is using smart TVs, but you aren’t getting that traffic. Why not?

Poor call to actions

Users like to be guided through your website. Clear CTAs assume your users’ next question and serve up the path to the answer on a plate.

Low-quality images

If I am on a website and it has low-quality images, that website has about a 0.5% chance of converting me. Low-quality images scream spammy & unprofessional. There are thousands of free stock images out there in stunning resolution. Use them!


Slow websites are especially annoying. You’re already late to Aunty June’s birthday party and that online gift card page just isn’t loading. Nightmare! Your website speed also plays a big part in how Google decides to rank your page, so better make it speedy.

3+ years since last re-design

It’s not that your site doesn’t look good, maybe it still does. But what have you learned in the last 3 years that you could be using to enhance your customers’ journey? Updating your website is about continuing to improve and enhance your product or offering.

You don’t get any enquiries

Sad :’( But so often true… We get clients pulling their hair out at the fact their website isn’t attracting new leads. There could be a number of reasons why, but all we can say for certain is that by addressing the points laid out here, you will start seeing some enquiries.