Oodles of experience in varied sectors across multiple disciplines.

We're a bunch of passionate and fair people with great ideas and the dedication to see things through. Founded in 2012, our ethos has always been about helping businesses evolve and grow online whilst delivering excellent value. Relationships are at the forefront of all aspects of what we do.

Rifle Design Team - Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Our resident digital marketing guru. Sam takes care of client onboarding and initial strategy. Following up with ongoing digital marketing expertise and guidance.

Rifle Design Team - Andy Knight

Andy Knight

Meticulous full stack developer with a focus on front-end efficiency. Broad technical and business experience to cut through the noise and mayhem of the digital marketing world.

Rifle Design Team - David Sinnet

David Sinnet

Full stack developer with a focus on modern javascript and expressing creative ideas through code. Experienced project lead and lover of simplicity.

Rifle Design Team - Nicola Ward

Nicola Ward

Driven to create and explore new ways of communicating through effective design. Universally accomplished from digital interfaces to prestige print pieces.

Rifle Design Team - Daniel Early

Daniel Early

Not just a numbers guy. Daniel brings his financial foresight and planning into creative business strategy.